If you have sustained a windshield crack this winter, you are thinking about windshield crack repair and how long you can put it off.  We know. In the winter, you think you really can’t have it done in your driveway because the cold air won’t allow the resin to set up.  Which means you have to go into a shop and wait, which means you put it off.  Understandable.  However, there are three reasons you should consider getting your windshield fixed now instead of waiting for nicer weather (and cold weather isn’t a problem).

If you need windshield crack repair, you need to think of the best time to replace your glass, or whether you can just repair the crack. If the crack is six inches or longer, you will likely need to replace the windshield entirely. If it is smaller, we can use a resin to stop the crack from spreading, and the shorter length means the windshield hasn’t been sufficiently weakened to destabilize it; the frame of your car requires strong glass to support it and protect you in an accident; we never want to cause you to be unsafe, so we are careful on what we recommend repairing versus replacing.

If you do need to replace your windshield, the cold weather isn’t really a problem. Rain or snow can be, so we need someplace dry to do the replacement, but cold weather doesn’t affect the urethane we use to set a windshield, so winter is just fine for repair and replacement.

Finally, the hot weather tends to cause glass expansion.  Just as pouring hot water over a windshield to defrost it can cause cracks, hot weather can expand the glass and turn that two-inch crack into something that spreads across your entire windshield. The old adage holds true: a stitch in time saves nine.