If you have a crack or chip in your windshield, you may be wondering whether you should repair or replace windshield in Utah County, and you may wonder where the best place to do that is. We can help you answer those questions, and we can help you get the repair or replacement done in a way that ensures your safety down the road.

If you need to repair or replace windshield in Utah County, bring it to us and we can help you decide which is better for you. We have a few criteria we can use to help you decide:

First, is your windshield old and pitted? If it is pitted enough to refract the light, making it difficult to see when you are driving into a bright light such as the setting or rising sun, you probably should replace your windshield. Fixing a chip in an already pitted windshield isn’t going to help your vision.

Second, how big is the chip and where is it located? If a big chip obscures your field of vision, you should consider getting your windshield replaced. If you simply repair the windshield, it is actually still there. Repairing a chip means injecting resin into the chipped glass, then using a vacuum to send the resin to every tiny fracture, which makes your windshield safe again, but it doesn’t erase the chip and its radiating lines. So it will still obscure your field of vision.

Third, can we repair the damage? If a windshield chip has already turned into a crack that is creeping across your windshield, we will need to replace the windshield rather than repair it. Why? Because no resin can completely stop the damage from a large crack. You need to halt its progress, and resin won’t do that.