The windshield and other glass in your heavy equipment is part of the structural integrity of your equipment, and as such, it needs proper maintenance to ensure safety. Heavy equipment glass in Utah County needs to be cared for so you stay safe and you don’t shorten the life of your windshield or other windows. What can you do? These three tips will give your glass the longest life it can have, barring problems outside of your control.

Heavy Equipment Glass in Utah County

Heavy equipment glass in Utah County needs to be maintained, protected, and repaired promptly if you want to prevent frequent and expensive replacement. First, the maintenance. If your machine has tinted windows, be wary of using chemicals when you clean them. Ammonia-based cleaners as well as some other chemical-based cleaners can damage the tint in your glass, giving it a shorter life. Use the same kind of windshield cleaner you get for your washer fluid or use white vinegar instead.

Next, protection. Obviously, you want to protect your glass from flying debris, which is common on work sites where heavy equipment is used. It is also common on a lot of roads given the areas in which heavy equipment goes. The other protection you ought to consider is direct sunlight if your glass is tinted. The UV rays can damage the tint in much the same way harsh cleaners can.

Finally, heavy equipment glass in Utah County should be repaired as soon as a chip appears. Slamming the doors of the vehicle won’t help your glass, and chips can easily turn into cracks, leaving you vulnerable to further damage if they aren’t fixed promptly. Take the time to get the chips repaired so you don’t regret the delay later.