What happens if you don’t fix the rock chips in your windshield? Do you ever wonder why windshield chip repair in Utah County matters? You see a lot of windshields with rock chips in them, and the vehicle still operates just fine. So why bother? We advocate fixing rock chips for three reasons—and none of those reasons have to do with staying in business.

Windshield Chip Repair in Utah

Windshield chip repair in Utah County is important for three very real safety reasons. The first has to do with long-term damage. A rock chip that is small can become bigger over time. If another rock hits the same spot or near it, you can get a bigger chip or you can turn that little chip into a crack that spreads across your windshield. A small chip may not seem like much, but it has damaged the integrity of your windshield, and if that leak isn’t plugged, so to speak, you can wind up with much more extensive damage.

And speaking of the integrity of your windshield, that windshield is part of the overall structure that keeps you safe in an accident. If your car rolls over or has heavy weight drop on it, the structure of your car is kept in place partly by a strong windshield. If the windshield is weak, the overall structure won’t be as strong as the manufacturer created it to be. Those safety ratings are based on a car that is structurally sound.

Finally, you have your own vision. A rock chip can interfere with your ability to see everything you need to when you are driving. A rock chip in the wrong spot can be a problem, particularly in setting or rising sun or when you have headlights hitting it or when you are driving through rain or other adverse conditions. Take the time for windshield chip repair in Utah County.