Vehicle glass replacement in Utah County wouldn’t be as common as it is without summertime road construction. With all the roads being built, rebuilt, repaired, and resurfaced, we have rocks flying off the roads straight at your windshield as well as heavy trucks coming and going all over the place. All of this means that road hazards are more numerous than usual, and you need to be more careful than usual.

Vehicle Glass Replacement in Utah County

To avoid having to deal with vehicle glass replacement, follow a few simple, common sense rules. These won’t guarantee you never get a rock chip or crack, but they do put the odds in your favor.

1. Watch for obvious windshield damage hazards. Large trucks entering the road from construction areas are potential hazards. Newly resurfaced roads are particularly hazardous, especially if the road is tar-and gravel resurfaced. Large trucks without mud flaps can be a problem. When you see any of these situations, slow down, move over, and increase the distance between you and the potential problem.

2. Notice the wheels on the vehicle ahead of you. Large trucks that have two or even three wheels on each side will throw up more rocks than a vehicle with the typical setup. More rocks means more chances for chips. Again, increase the distance between you and switch lanes if possible.

3. Finally, just watch for anything that looks like it might be a problem. Someone is hauling yard waste in an open bed or trailer ahead of you? You are on a newly graveled road? The vehicle ahead of you has a load of trash headed for the dump? If you see anything that looks like it could send rocks or debris flying toward your windshield, follow the three basics: slow down, increase the distance, switch lanes if possible.