When does the price of repairing your rock chips cease to be cost effective? Windshield rock chips in Utah County are a price we all pay for driving. So, when is the cost of repairing them too much? When is repair a good idea and when is replacement a better idea? A couple of guidelines might help you figure that out.

Windshield Rock Chips in Utah County

First, when considering repairing windshield rock chips in Utah County, you have to consider the age of the vehicle and of the windshield in particular. When your car is new, that windshield is a thing of beauty. And because the windshield is factory installed, it is the tightest installation with the most protection you are going to get. You are much better off repairing rock chips in new windshields than you are replacing the whole windshield. Make that new, perfect windshield last as long as you can.

There comes a point, however, when repair no longer makes sense. If you have a pitted windshield, for instance, repairing it isn’t as smart as replacing it. Repairing windshield rock chips in Utah County isn’t a great idea if your windshield is already so pitted and scarred from typical driving conditions that you struggle to see when sunlight or another car’s headlights hit the windshield directly. If that kind of light scatters because of windshield damage, you need to replace the windshield, not repair it.

Another time to consider replacement instead of repair is when the rock chip is close to another rock chip, when the rock chip is large and in the center of your field of vision, or when the rock chip is particularly deep. In the first and third scenarios, the chip can easily spread further into a full-blown crack, and in the second scenario, having a chip blocking your view can be dangerous. Repair if it makes sense, but be safe and replace when necessary.