If you have heavy equipment, you have a heavy equipment windshield in Utah, and chances are, it will need to be replaced now and again. That is just the way life works. When that time comes, who do you turn to and what can you expect from them? Knowing what is involved will help you decide when the time is right for your windshield replacement.

If you need a heavy equipment windshield in Utah replaced or repaired, you need to see people who are experts in glass. Not every crack or chip requires replacing, and not every kind of repair works on every kind of windshield. If your chip or crack is close to an edge, chances are the repair process won’t be sufficient to keep it from growing. Repair work done on heavy equipment has to be tougher than what goes on a typical car or pickup truck because heavy equipment endures greater vibrations from rough terrain as well as more frequent road hazard hits from debris in construction zones. You need to be sure a repair is going to help your windshield maintain the structural integrity that protects the driver.

Another concern for a heavy equipment windshield in Utah is whether the company doing the repair or replacing has experience with heavy equipment and with Utah’s weather extremes. In addition to our extreme weather changes, Utah also has a lot of road construction going on, more or less all the time. You want to get your windshield repaired or replaced before you get a second or third hit that forces you to replacement.

A windshield chip can be repaired in most instances, so if one occurs in your heavy equipment, take the time to clean it gently, cover it with clear packing tape to prevent further damage, and don’t wash your vehicle before you get it fixed.